Haiyan North Road, Ningbo Line 1

Haiyan North Road, Ningbo Line 1

Haiyan North Road, Ningbo Line 1
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Singyes New Materials Technology Co.,Ltd.

Service Hotline: 400-602-3918


Address: No. 9 Jinzhu Road, Science and Technology Innovation Coast, High-tech Zone, Zhuhai City, Guangdong Province

If you want to visit Xingye New Materials, you have the following transportation options:

By bus: K1 Road, get off at Rossini Station and go to Chuangxin 9 Road

Self-driving: Refer to the map signs to drive north of Gangwan Avenue and turn right to Jinfeng North Road, turn left at red light and turn left at Keji 9th Road and go straight to Chuangxin 9th Road and turn right

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